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Naturopathic Medicine


In Naturopathic Medicine we aim to remove the obstacles to health.  Food allergies, stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and toxins can prevent you from optimal health.  Once the obstacles are removed we can then use herbs, and vitamins to support and strengthen any weak body systems.   In this way we stimulate the body's inherent self healing process 

Food Allergy Testing


Dr.  Bertelson offers IgG Food allergy testing to 96 foods.  By removing foods that are triggering inflammatory processes in the body we are removing an obstacle to health and allowing the body to begin the healing process.  

Nutrition Counseling


When you eat the right foods you  support , nourish, and strengthen your body.  It is important to know what foods might be causing your symptoms and need to be avoided and what foods  should be eaten to give you your best health.  



Homeopathy is the practice of medicine that uses  highly diluted medicines that are personalized to the individual and their symptoms .  The right homeopathic medicine will stimulate the body to begin to heal itself .  



Homeoprophylaxis  uses homeopathic medicines to prevent disease.  If you are choosing to forgo the flu shot or other immunizations , you can still help protect yourself and your children using homeopathic dilutions of the virus or bacteria to prevent the disease.  

Botanical Medicine


Herbs can be used as medicine.  Herbs can be used to: strengthen  depleted body systems,  balance hormones, lower blood pressure, cure a cough, and in many other ways.