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Welcome to Dr. Brooke Bertelson, ND a Naturopathic Doctor In Billings, MT

Dr. Bertelson provides Natural Family Medicine in Billings, MT


Naturopathic Medicine

In Naturopathic Medicine we see an individual as a whole person.  We look at how all the parts are working together and the best way to support that process.  We believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  Sometimes people get stuck in a certain pattern of illness and its important to remove the obstacles that are preventing their body from curing itself.  For example food allergies and intolerances should be identified and removed.   In addition it is sometimes necessary to support the body with proper nutrition, hydration, rest, and adequate sunshine.  If this is not enough than herbs and vitamins can be used to strengthen weakened systems in the body.

Naturopathic appointments

Naturopathic appointments may be different than traditional medical appointments that you are used to.  In order to get a good idea of how the entire body is working together it is important to take a detailed history of all body systems  and review  your current diet.   In order to be complete first office visits to your naturopath will often take 2 hours long.  

Food allergy testing

If you have a feeling that foods you are eating might be causing some of the symptoms you are feeling.  If you are having digestive disturbance, eczema, asthma, joint pain,  migraines, chronic nasal congestion  or any other symptoms that might be food related; you may like to have a food allergy test done.  This can be done as part as your first appointment.  It will test for IgG antibodies to 96 different foods and the results will be ready to review in 2 weeks. The 96 Food allergy test cost is $175 .

Order Supplements

Dr. Bertelson provides high quality supplements if you would like to order supplements from companies you can trust.